What's the meaning behind our craft beer?

Temperance Row Brewing Company
In 1909 Purley Baker and Howard Russell moved to Westerville and with them came the national headquarters of their Anti-Saloon League (ASL). The two, along with their colleagues in the ASL, built several homes just south of Otterbein University. This group of homes and streets are now on the National Register of Historic Places. Today we have Temperance Row Brewing Company, the first legal brewery in Westerville since Purley and Howard came to town.

Corbin's Revenge IPA
On July 12, 1875 Henry Corbin’s Saloon, which was located just behind where Temperance Row Brewing Company is now located, was bombed by the local townspeople opposed to such an establishment in their town. Corbin rebuilt two years later and his new saloon suffered the same fate. We named our IPA in Henry’s honor.  Revenge is a beer best served cold.

Two Pistols IPA
Henry Corbin expected trouble on opening day. Protesters gathered outside of his saloon and he greeted them with a pistol in each hand. We took Henry’s approach and were a bit more aggressive with the hops. You can take Henry’s approach too and order an IPA for each hand!

Hatchetation Pale Ale
Carrie Nation was a radical member of the temperance movement that opposed alcohol even before Prohibition. She was known to carry a hatchet and used it to destroy the insides of pubs, bars, and saloons. This act of destroying saloons became known as Hatchetation. Here at Temperance Row Brewing Company all nations are welcome, except for Carrie.

Forty Ton Porter
During the height of Prohibition, the Anti-Saloon League headed by Purley Baker produced and mailed out over forty tons of anti-alcohol propaganda a month right here in Westerville. Our first class post office was a result of the volume of mail sent out by the ASL. Today we just hope to deliver you great craft beer.

Scofflaw Scottish Ale
In 1924 the Boston Herald ran a contest looking for a new word to describe the people of America that were ignoring prohibition and drinking anyway. “Scofflaw” was the winning entrant. Documentarian, Ken Burns dubbed America during prohibition as a nation of scofflaws.

Chanter Ale
A chanter is the melody pipe on traditional Scottish bagpipes. Like the distinct music the chanter makes in the highlands of Scotland our Wee Heavy has itsown unforgettable flavor. Sláinte!

Contradiction ESB
You’re sitting in a brewery in “the dry capital of the world”. Enough said.